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I have ALWAYS struggled with finding a cleaning routine that works for ME! I used to be a teacher and just couldn't ever stay on track when it came to a set cleaning schedule. Even now, I work from home as a YouTuber and can't stick to specific cleaning tasks on scheduled days of the week.

With all of that being said, I started brainstorming ways to get all the cleaning done, without getting overwhelmed and down on myself when it wasn't done "on time". I decided to create a cleaning checklist. I can use it weekly or just as a cleaning rotation to stay on top of my cleaning. With this method, I clean when I can and don't have to be so hard on myself if I miss a day. I'll just keep rotating through this list to maintain a "clean" house. You can download the Cleaning Checklist bundle for FREE by clicking any of the images below.

Another great thing about having these cleaning checklists, is you can hang them up for the family to see and get everyone involved in the cleaning! This helps everyone to see what still needs to be done around the house.

Watch my most recent cleaning video "WHOLE HOUSE CLEANING ROUTINE" to see how I put this Cleaning Checklist to use.

I hope this helps all the busy women out their that also need to give themselves some grace when it comes to keeping a clean and tidy home.

Thank you for coming over to my blog and reading my FIRST BLOG POST on my new website!!!! Please let me know if you have any requests on what you'd like to see over here or any printables that you'd like me to create to make your life easier. I can't wait to hear your suggestions!




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John Abraham
John Abraham
Nov 01, 2023

Your transparency about not always sticking to a strict schedule is so relatable. Life can be unpredictable and your approach of cleaning when you can and rotating through the list is a refreshing perspective. RG Groundworks Company Florida


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Hi Amy, love you YouTube channel and this blog post! Is your cleaning routine still the same? Thank you so much for making videos and being so sweet and kind.


I love these printables - thank you! Your videos always motivated me. Could you do a blog post with your favorite cleaning products? I use Mrs. Meyers and Method mostly, but I am looking for a good rag to clean with. Thank you!



I love your website. I finally got a chance to get on here. I too struggle with a cleaning roiute. I also struggle with meal planning. It's hard to plain for the week let alone for the month.

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