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Dollar Tree Pantry Makeover

Updated: May 7, 2020

At the beginning of the year, I love to declutter and organize. One of the spaces that I get the most questions about is the pantry and kitchen. I have done a few videos on my own pantry and how I've used Dollar Tree bins as well as organizing products from Amazon and Walmart to organize my pantry. Check those videos out here:

Video 1:

Video 2:

BUT this time I wanted to show you a NEW pantry space. So I asked my friends if any of them needed their pantry organized on a budget and I actually had several friends say "YES! PLEASE HELP ME!"

I ended up going to a friend's house that has a SUPER SMALL pantry area, which is great because I hear from my subscribers all the time how their pantries are too small. I wanted to make this video to give you guys ideas on how to organize your own pantry ON A BUDGET using ALL DOLLAR TREE products! You can watch the video of the entire Pantry Makeover here:

Here are the before pictures of her pantry and cabinet BEFORE I pulled anything out:

The first step to organizing the pantry was to pull EVERYTHING out and start throwing away any old or expired food, then organizing everything into categories. After pulling everything out of the pantry, I realized I was going to have to do a deep clean in here before I could do any organizing.

After deep cleaning, I had to go to the Dollar Tree to find the right bins, labels, and containers to go back into the pantry and the cabinet space. Next I started organizing, labeling, and putting the bins and containers back in the spaces. I also made a little DIY Lazy Susan using two cake pans from the Dollar Tree and a pack of craft beads. I just put the beads in the first cake pan, then put the 2nd cake pan on top, and it spins. We ended up using the Lazy Susan for seasonings. The entire Pantry Makeover cost me less than $30 and that included the cleaning supplies!!!

Here is the AFTER results of the pantry and cabinet makeover:

This was such a HUGE transformation and I was so so happy with the results! Let me know if you'd like to see more space makeovers and which areas you'd like to see! I have a few friends needing some help with an office, closet, laundry room, but I want to hear about the space you need the most help with in your home!

Don't forget to go watch the video of this whole Dollar Tree Makeover so you can see the transformation step by step!

Thank you for stopping by my little space on the internet!




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Hello! I liked the way you worked on editing your video. Most likely you used alternative to imovie. I'd be interested to know more about this!


Thanks for post!


John Abraham
John Abraham
Oct 20, 2023

Your dedication to decluttering and organizing is so motivating, especially at the beginning of the year. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pantry transformation with us. Furniture Assembly Services in Canada


It is definitely satisfying to see a huge transformation! I love seeing before and after pictures. Just beautiful Amy💕

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