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The BEST Family Vacation: Spring Break 2024

Our family recently traveled to Bradenton, Florida for a fun getaway during spring break. We had an absolute blast and I would definitely repeat this trip in the future.

I will share details and some of our experiences during our excursion below!

Staying In Bradenton

There are TONS of options when it comes to finding a place to stay in Bradenton. We opted for a three bedroom house that we found on Vrbo. We traveled with some family friends, so this house was a great option for spending quality time together and the kids loved having a private pool the entire weekend.

Atlanta Braves Spring Training

The first thing on our list was to catch a spring training game at CoolToday Park. We are huge Atlanta Braves fans so we were super excited to catch some preseason action as they played Tampa Bay. The field was only about an hour away from our rental. It was so much fun! We enjoyed the food and cool drinks. It was hot, so I definitely recommend finding ways to stay cool. We found that the misting fans were necessary! Overall, it was a great experience!

Atlanta Braves spring training game at CoolToday Park
Braves Spring Training

Beach Day

Next on our to-do list was a beach day! We decided to visit Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island. We couldn't have asked for better weather. We spent a few hours at the beach soaking up the sunshine and incredible views. The Gulf Coast waters were stunning, just be sure to pack the sunscreen! Parking on the island is limited so be prepared to spend some extra time finding a spot.

Couple on beach off Anna Maria Island, Florida.
Coquina Beach


Following a fun-filled day at the beach, we returned to Bradenton for dinner. We decided to eat at Caddy’s Restaurant after seeing lots of great reviews on the internet. Honestly, I'd give it 2 stars. The food was not good, but the drinks, atmosphere, and our server were awesome.

Anna Maria Island

We returned to Anna Maria Island on day four to spend more time exploring the island. We took the Anna Maria Island Trolley to get around. The trolley services are free and it was nice not having to drive and worry about parking.

During our time exploring, we stopped at Sandbar to eat some lunch. I definitely recommend eating here!! The restaurant is right on the beach and the food & service were amazing! I'd easily give this place 5 stars.

There is so much to see on the island! After lunch, we spent some time shopping and grabbed some delicious ice cream. You can easily spend an entire day exploring and eating.

While on the island, we randomly came across another restaurant called the Ugly Grouper. We loved this place! We only had drinks and hung out while listening to a live band, but next time we want to go back and eat because the food looked good too. They also had an outdoor play area that the kids enjoyed.

Afternoon at the Ugly Grouper
Ugly Grouper Outdoor Area

Overall, we had an amazing trip! The weather in Florida was great and we enjoyed the time spent with friends and family during this vacation. We couldn't have asked for a better Spring Break 2024. We look forward to doing it again.


I have linked some of the outfits and accessories from the trip below!

Amazon clothing: Amazon Storefront

Links to all of the clothing: Amy Darley on LTK

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