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Back Porch Cleaning

In my last video, I shared some cleaning of the outside of our house. We started on the front porch with watering some flowers and also trying to bring some of them back to life.

I have linked our front porch decor below in case you want to know where anything is from.

I also shared how I'm cleaning the back porch in order to prepare for our porch makeover. You can see all the cleaning products that I used in this video and hear our plan for the porch makeover.

We are so excited about this porch makeover and we are LOVING the new chair that we got from Walmart! It's a dupe for the Target Egg Chair and it's actually a few hundred dollars cheaper! I have linked all the NEW porch decor that we are still waiting to arrive so we can finish this project.

Check out the video below to see all of the porch plans and products I used to clean the porch!



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John Abraham
John Abraham
Oct 19, 2023

Watching your video brought a smile to my face. Its wonderful to see the love and care you put into your homes exterior. Your front porch looks so inviting and beautiful. Affordable Luxury Car Transportation Services in Key West FL

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