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Hey friends! Can you believe it's already NOVEMBER?? I am doing all the Christmas Prep and wanted to share some of the printables that I created to help me get organized. Just click the picture below to download and start using all the printables yourself.

***Also, if you decide to use them, I'd LOVE for you to share and tag me on your instagram stories or on Facebook!!! I'd love to see what your family is up to this Christmas season and how you use these to organize all the things this Christmas!

After sharing some of these printables, I've gotten LOTS of questions about the North Pole Breakfast. Every year, our elves return on December 1st with a North Pole Breakfast for the kids. At this breakfast they have some yummy breakfast items (usually not so healthy), they get their Christmas pajamas, and a few other little goodies.

Here is a video from our North Pole Breakfast in 2018:

And here you can find our 2019 North Pole Breakfast Instagram stories: CLICK HERE FOR 2019 NORTH POLE BREAKFAST

And here are a few pictures from 2019 as well:

I hope you have the BEST Christmas with your loved ones this year!!!


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