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Prepping for Summer with the Kids!

So, I have ALWAYS loved having Summer plans and a schedule with the kids. I think it's great for the kids but also for MYSELF. Without a schedule, we can just waste the days away on screens or just being lazy and not making the most of our time together for summer break. So I want to share some of the ways we get organized for the Summer & our plans.

  1. Update our Summer Chore Chart! Chores will change as the kids get older, so we love to update their chores at the beginning of the summer. Because I have two kids, I print two chore charts to a page, we write their chores on the chart, I laminate it, & we post it on our fridge. When the kids complete a chore, they put a dot beside that chore for the day. There are a few non-negotiable chores & then I also have "tidy tasks" that they can do to earn extra money. Things like cleaning the baseboards, cleaning up poop in the yard, wiping down bathroom counters, etc. The kids earn 50 cents per chore. You can download our chore chart here:

  1. Update our Summer Daily schedule & Weekly activities. I also print these both on the same page & post to our fridge.

  1. I have the kids create a Summer Bucket list. Usually we make one big one together, but this year I decided to print a list of ideas for them that I found from this blog: Then I created a cute little printable that they could use to write down their top 10 bucket list items that they each wanted to do this year. It could be an idea from the list or an idea of their own. You can download the bucket list I created for free here:

I hope this is helpful in getting you organized or giving you some ideas on planning out your Summer Break!

Check out my YouTube video where I shared more details on our Summer Break activities here:

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