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Summer Schedule

I decided to create a Summer Schedule for the kids and I this Summer to keep us in some sort of routine. I have included exactly what our Summer Schedule looks like below and I also talk about how exactly we're implementing the schedule in the video. You can print this one or even the blank one to fill in your own schedule as well.

Click either picture to download.

I go into full detail about our Summer Schedule in this video and share ALL the resources I'll be using + our Chore Chart we started. You can download the CHORE CHART on this blog post.

To start our schedule, we start with our Morning Routine where the kids make their beds, brush their teeth, get dressed and then head down for breakfast.

Next, is our BIBLE TIME. We use The Children's Daily Devotional Bible to do a Bible story + Bible verse of the week + prayer.

Next, our kids do their Daily Gratitude Journal and Devotional. I usually have to help Gracie June with the Bible Verse, but other than that, they completely do these on their own. SEE THE VIDEO ABOVE for more details on what's inside these journals. I absolutely LOVE these for the kids!

After our Bible time, we move into our School Practice. We are mainly working on reading fluency and math fluency this summer. I created a binder to house all of the resources we're using. Most of the resources I purchased from Teachers Pay Teachers.

I share my binder in more detail in the video, but here is a list of all the resources I downloaded and purchased for our Summer School Practice activities.

The last thing we do after we finish our school practice is our Weekly THEMED activities. I am SO excited to share these activities with you each week, so that you have a place you can come and find fun resources, crafts, & snacks you can do with your kids throughout the Summer. Make sure to come back here weekly to see all the activities we're doing! Below is a list of all the themes we will be doing this Summer.

WeeK 1: Summer Kickoff

Week 2: Space

Week 3: Camping

Week 4: Summer Olympics

Week 5: Kindness

Week 6: Patriotic

Week 7: Nature

Week 8: Sharks

Week 9: Frozen

Week 10: Harry Potter

Week 11: Pirates

Week 12: Dinosaurs

Stay tuned for videos and blog posts to give you ideas and resources to do some of these themed weeks with your own kiddos at home this summer!!!

Hope this post and the video are so helpful to you!!!! As always, let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see here on the blog, on Youtube, or even on instagram!





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